The morning after Dave and I flew home from Christi’s baby shower I got a phone call.   Christi had been sent to the hospital directly from her Doctor’s office. No going home for clothes, no running to Dunkin Donut for one more delicious breakfast, just go directly to the ER. Not really sure what was […]

Learning to Juggle

When I had Matthew, some little demon threw a metaphorical ball into the air and shouted in my ear—DON’T DROP IT! With each additional child another ball was cast to the sky and that same little demon giggled with delight at my pending failure while repeating the warning—DON’T DROP THEM! This is how the Kae […]

Is it Christi Jr. or Kenny Jr?

Patience is a virtue and one that is generally a toss-up for me. I can stand in line at the store fully comfortable with the concept that it is not my turn but I can’t keep my tongue when David pulls the car half sideways into a parking space as far away from the building […]

Never Say NEVER!

When Christi (my beautiful blue eyed and at the time blonde haired daughter that resides in the birth order sandwiched firmly between Matthew and Jessica) was in Junior High School she came home one day, slammed her backpack to the ground in front of my desk and unequivocally declared “I AM NEVER HAVING CHILDREN”. Needless […]

Purple Socks?

On Friday February 27th, 2015 at 11:59 a.m., I lost my heart to my first grandson, Tanner. He was born via C-section weighing in at a whopping 9 pounds 7 ounces.  We all watched through the nursery glass as the nurse weighed him, measured him, scored him and bathed him with what I believe will […]