Shake, Shake, Shake

From the time Tanner was old enough to hold on my hip, when I mix the formula with water for his bottle, I bounce him up and down on my hip singing, “Shake, shake, shake…shake, shake shake…shake Tanner’s bottle, shake Tanner’s bottle.”  This has ended up being a great way keep a grumpy, hungry child […]

Standing at the Ready

In 2015 I was the lucky recipient of two happy healthy little grandbabies, Tanner and Annika.  When they were first born I would very contentedly get up in the middle of the night for their feedings.   Nothing could compare to sitting in the dark cuddling those little babies, breathing in their heady “new” human smell.  […]

Riding in Style

Pick out a car seat for Tanner.  Such a simple mission in the year 2016.  Click the little picture on your computer that links you to the internet.  Type in the name of the store you have a 15% coupon code for.   Put your parameters in the search bar, make your selection, pay with your […]

Private Time

When my kids were small babies there were two things I quickly learned would no longer be a part of my everyday life: a good night’s sleep and private bathroom time. I said goodbye to bubble baths, taking time to style my hair, makeup requiring much more than a slash of lipstick across of my […]

Mr. Worry Wart

The birth of our grandchildren, Tanner and Annika, has set my poor husband, David, on a journey of worry.   Tanner was born via C-section and Jess developed post-eclampsia shortly after he was born.  When Jess went home from the hospital, she was back to her “I’m not a baby, I can do this myself” self.  […]