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The other day my children showed me a “Mii” they had created for me on their Wii. For those of you who are as clueless as I am, a Mii is a personalized character that you can create when playing the Wii games.

My children had created their own and they looked adorable. The Mommy Mii, however, left me feeling a strong need to visit the gym, the hairdresser and maybe even a plastic surgeon.

With all the selections you can make when creating a Mii (eyes, eyebrows, eye color, hairstyle, etc.), my Mii looked as if she had never used a drop of sunscreen and had the wrinkled face to prove it. My personalized Mii also had eyes that looked as if they belonged on a rabbit instead of a human — so big and very far apart. Actually, in thinking about it, I guess the eye position is a reflection of how my children think I can see everything they’re doing even if I never turn my head in their direction. If there was an option on the Wii to create a Mii with an eye on the back of her head I supposed my kids would’ve chosen that one.

My Mii hairstyle? Well, the best description is zigzag. My Mii looked as if her hair was styled with a chainsaw.

One of the unfortunate options available when creating a Mii is the ability to change the body size. If you’re thin as a string bean that option is great but when you’re a mommy whose bikini days are behind her, that option isn’t pretty, especially when your children are the ones in control.

So as I look at my Mii as created by my children, I get a glimpse into how they view me: a chunky rabbit-eyed women with zigzag hair, eyebrows that have never seen a tweezer, wrinkles, a nose that seemed to have missed landing in the center of her face and a pair of glasses that must’ve belonged to someone’s grandfather. There was one thing they did put on my Mii that made it all worthwhile though… a big smile.

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  1. Funny!!!! We have wii fit, and my kids crack up when they see dad…. His mii has widened a bit as his weight has expanded (just a couple pounds in real life, but on the mii… WATCH OUT!) You need strong self esteem to withstand the mii!

    When we made our daughter’s mii, she was only four. Now, when I do her hair like it’s done on the wii, she exclaims, “Mom, you made miiiiiiiii!!!! With a squeal of delight!”

    (While they’re at school, edit their mii’s. HA)

    • Karen, good idea about editing the Mii. I wish I knew how. All I know how to do is turn the darn thing on and off. I agree though about needing strong self esteem. They can really blindside you with their comments.

  2. Too funny! It’s funny how are kids really see us.

  3. I’m so sorry! Ugh. The way our children can shatter our self esteem. LOL. I had a baby 9 months ago today- and I have lost all the weight and felt pretty good about myself lately, until just a few days ago, my 5 year old son hugged me and kissed my belly and said “I love you baby in there!” I said “There’s no baby in there!” He said “Are you sure? Your belly is really getting big. You should buy new pants.”

    Thank you son. Self image flew out the window. LOL. He also has been known to tell me he likes hugging me because I’m “squishy”- well, I guess that’s a good thing in his book. And if it means a bit of extra fat…so be it.

    Here from voiceboks.

  4. Great post! I laughed out loud (literally), and I can so identify! Brae’s comment below is pretty funny, too. From the mouth of babes! We work so hard to build up our kids’ self esteem … and in return they rip ours right down!

    • Rebecca, I’m glad you enjoyed the blog. It certainly is a tug-o-war when it comes to our self-esteem. Thank you for your comment.

  5. Oh, this is too funny! The greatest thing though, is your kids, they love you no matter what. My kids always knead my love handles, it used to drive me nuts but then I realized they just loved it, it was comforting to them. They are all boys so I also figure they are getting used to a natural female body and I like that too.

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