Nothing good happens when Daddy brings home a doughnut

The day started out with Daddy announcing that he had a leftover doughnut from a meeting he attended the day before. Since my kids don’t see many doughnuts in our house, this news was met with squeals, jumping up and down and hugs for Daddy.

The kids wanted the doughnut immediately but since it was not even 7:00 a.m. and they hadn’t had breakfast yet, they were told that nutrition would have to come first.  

Jack was assigned the duty of taking the dog out as Gracie set the table.

Breakfast was eaten with lightning speed. Then moments before the doughnut was to be cut in half and shared by two eager children, I noticed that the kids had left the sunroom a mess last night even though they had been told to clean up before going to bed. Drink cups were left on the coffee table, sofa cushions were on the floor and toys were scattered on the carpet.

So before the doughnut could be enjoyed, the children had to clean the sunroom. In the process, Jack mouthed off and got sent to his room for a time-out. Gracie got to enjoy her half of the doughnut. Jack cooled his heels in his bedroom for 10 minutes.

When time-out ended Jack came running from his room to claim his half of the doughnut and stepped in dog poo in the hallway. Jack, whose job it was to take Griffin out had been in such a hurry to get back inside and inhale breakfast so he could get his doughnut, hadn’t let the poor dog finish taking care of personal business.

Jack spent the next five minutes cleaning poo from between his toes while I cleaned the hall carpet.

Finally Jack was able to run to the kitchen counter and claim his soon-to-be stale treasure. With doughnut in hand he ran toward the sunroom to join Gracie in watching their favorite Saturday morning television program. He tripped; the doughnut flew through the air and landed on the floor. As fast as Jack is, he is no match for a dog who spots a rare find: a half doughnut on the floor in the Bennett home.

The sound of Jack wailing could be heard throughout the house and perhaps even the neighborhood.

Nothing good happens when Daddy brings home a doughnut.

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  1. I hate days like that!! You are right, no good comes from daddy and dougnuts!! I felt so bad for your son!! Great piece! So nice to visit you from VB and members to remember!

  2. Kathy, thank you for your comment.

  3. Hahaha! This is such a familar situation. And that’s why doughnuts are evil! *said while snarfing down a chocolately and delightful doughnut*

    (Visiting from vB.)

  4. LOL! Oh…poor Jack! I would be having a crying fit too. I love donuts! And we don’t eat them all that often because if we did we’d not know when to stop and end up weighing 500 pounds each. So we just choose not to buy them…unless of course we happen to be driving past a Dunkin’ Donuts around breakfast time. Then all bets are off! It’s so nice to connect with you through voiceboks. You have such a cute website!

    Many blessings,

  5. Oh boy, those doughnuts are truly worth crying over though. I felt like crying with your son when I read about the doughnut’s aerial adventure and sudden doggy demise!

  6. We all love us some doughnuts! Loved this post, very interesting! My daughter loves Krispy Kreme doughnuts! From Members To Remember Event! :)

  7. LOL, that is too funny. I hope you took Jack out later that day to get a new, fresh doughnut.


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